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Finding the right music for a wedding film is one of the most important, and time-consuming aspects of video editing. When I (Matt) started out, I would find myself spending hours or even days aimlessly browsing music licensing sites desperately hoping to find “it” – the song for a wedding film that matches a couple, their wedding day, and their personalities perfectly.

In 2015, Rachel began helping me with my music search, and I figured out that she is way better at this than I am. We now work together, with her scouring all the popular music licensing sites for new songs that sound unique, and me figuring out exactly where they should fit into a wedding film.

While driving across town one Summer afternoon in 2018, Rachel had an idea: What if we could help other filmmakers and save them hours (or days, for some of you), by removing your need to search all the popular music licensing sites for your wedding films?

What if we could create a curated list of new songs available for license, with a focus on wedding films? Just like that, Matt’s Music List was born. And yes, I almost wrecked the car from excitement when Rachel told me her idea.

So this is our offer:

We want to save you time in finding music, so you can focus on editing, shooting, growing your beard (well, some of you), or whatever else you want to do!

Instead of sifting through many music licensing sites with tons of new music to wade through, you can download a list of 10 songs from your preferred music licensing site, along with notes of exactly how we would use them in a wedding film. We are offering you more time to do other things. And that’s really valuable.

Matt and Rachel

We met at a smoothie and film party in college, during which, I (Matt) let out my inner Shakespeare and screamed at Rachel from a balcony.

When I first asked Rachel out on a date, she put her head on the table in front of her to think about it first. She agreed only after I answered a very long list of hard questions a few days later. We were married in Texas Hill country amidst close friends. Rachel forgot she needed a bouquet, but a close friend came to the rescue. We made promises to each other and then took time to pray to make promises to God about our marriage.

We did without much of the traditional aspects of a wedding: no dancing, no toasts, no exchanged rings, no wedding party…you get the idea…but we did spend 3 hours with their wedding videographers. The day was perfect, because it was perfect for us. We have a wall in our home dedicated to adorable cat paintings. The pair of us like fine food, fine folk, epic timelapses, relaxing Netflix marathons, and searching for Airbnbs with character.

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